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Elaine Mcquillian

Massage lotion

I am 71 years old and have osteoarthritis for over 30 years and massage lotion is the only product l have used to get instant relief from on going pain in my body Thankyou Grace cosmetic the best produce on the market

Arthur Knight

“Magic” massage lotion

Any sign of sore or stiff muscle on goes the cream and within minutes all gone! A life saver for me because at 73 yrs old I live an extremely active life and no ache or stiffness is going to stop me!

Vicki-marie Buchanan

Aloe Massage Lotion

Through all the years that I have been associated with Pro-Ma Systems, marketing and using the Grace Cosmetics products, the Aloe Massage Lotion has been one of my favourite and most popular products. Even though I am now retired, I still have former customers who are well in their 80s who order this product, full of accolades, marvel and appreciation of what it does for them. My oldest customer is 100 years old! With key ingredients being Aloe Vera and Natural Menthol, this product takes on what the tissue area needs ie if the affected area needs an ice pack, it will go cold when applied; if it needs a heat compress, it will go warm. (I have found that even the sceptic agrees with this once they have used it and experienced the benefits!) Over my 35+ years of using and marketing this product, how has it helped so many? Sports people – soothing those sore muscles from a vigorous run or work out, or helping heal stretched ligaments, twinges in the knee, tennis elbow etc. General first aid in cases of falling over, spraining a finger or joint. It is wonderful for significantly reducing the fluid buildup in the inflamed tissue and giving people more mobility. Parents – when children have a hacking cough (especially in the middle of the night) rub this cream on their chest. It is so soothing and takes away the irritating cough. I myself tried this in desperation one night when my 4 year old at the time couldn’t settle with a bad cough – it was amazing! Fast forward when I am a teacher taking 120 intermediate aged students on a school camp in winter. In the girls’ dormitory there were several students coughing away in their bunks – so we could all get some sleep I passed my tube around, with wonderful results (and sleep). Arthritic sufferers – oh this is so, so wonderful!! I have had many anecdotes over the years from people talking about how this has helped them – those with arthritic nodules, stiff knees, sore and aching knuckles and joints, ankles and backs. This truly is a ‘magic’ cream for so many with these ailments. Retired and mature-aged people – all of the above really… except instead of being the parent, we are now the ‘Grandie’. I do not 'work' the business now, but I still share this amazing product with many – I can’t help myself because it works!!

Kath Imlach

Massage lotion life saver

I can’t tell you how many times I have given this for someone to try for muscle pain , headaches , sinus pain and the result is always the same - fantastic the best love this stuff

Alison Aucamp

My go to product

I can honestly say I have used Grace products for over 30 years! The massage lotion should be in every household. Wether it’s a bruise, sprain, strain or just a muscle that’s feeling a bit stiff, just rub some in. I would recommend this product

Dawn sullivan

Massage lotion

Have used it for over30yrs. Great for aches and pains, headaches, muscular and sciatica .Recommended to heaps of people , as a lawn bowler, everyone very happy

Fleur McCulloch

Massage Lotion

This product helps me with the pain as a result of my neck injury. My hubby has used it for 30 odd years to help with migraines too. I have noticed it's not at strong as it use to be though and the price is also a bit high for a tube.

Jeanne de Souza

Aloe massage lotion

Brings relief to pain in joints due to osteoarthritis.


Natural pain relief in a bottle 😍

For years I have suffered painful migraines starting from muscle tightness in my neck and shoulders. This is the absolute BEST thing to help soothe, relax and ease the pain!!

Judith - Auckland

Wonder Ointment

A man at my Church had a replacement hip prosthesis as the first one had begun to "crumble". He suffered serious pain over the months post operatively and said he wished he could get that "stuff that was sold door to door", which was a Rawleighs ointment. I said I had something that is a natural product, and would he like to try it. Since he is elderly I said I would give him a tube to try, and if it didn't work he could give it back or keep it as he desired. He told me he would be in tears with the pain. When I saw him the next Sunday he called out "good morning angel!" The massage lotion had eased his pain and he could walk with his crutches more easily, and he didn't need them after another 3 weeks. He now spends his time advertising the "wonder" ointment.

Cathie - NSW

Love it

I too have been using this for over 15 years. It is the only product that helps alleviate strong pains in my very arthritic back. I hope that this product is always available. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Jamie - Melbourne VIC

Highly Recommend

This product is great for injury and pain relief. The heat element of the cream has a great relaxing effect on the muscles and relieves pain or tightness within 15 minutes of applying it. I have applied this product to my own tight muscles and family members with ligament and muscle tears, all have commented that the cream is amazing at relieving pain and tightness almost instantly, highly recommend.

Annmarie - Bowen QLD

Must have for travelling

This is a must have when travelling. It has so many uses. The best alternative use I have found is when you have a terrible itch in a non-sensitive area. Especially after being bitten by mosquitoes or sandflies etc. I find a small amount on the bite provides almost instant relief from the bite and whenever I share it with friends who have been bitten by bugs they always say how much relief it gave and how quickly they stopped itching.

Trish - BC, Canada

Fabulous product

This is awesome for relieving aches & pains and even coughs from colds and headaches. I know of no other product that provides either hot or cold relief, depending on what your body needs. Fabulous!!!

EJ - Mt Barker SA


Brilliant stuff. It eases so many aches and pains!!! I can't do without it!!!!

Peggy - Canada

Good all round product

I can't imagine living without this relief in a tube. Sore muscles, joints, headaches or even a scratchy throat (externally of course), this deep heating and deep cooling lotion takes the sharp out of the pain.

Deanna - Melbourne VIC

First Aid in a Bottle

What? You haven't used this yet? You can't possibly do without it. If you want a synthetic, thin and ineffective cream - go to your supermarket. If you want a therapeutic treatment that works with pure, natural ingredients and is pretty much first aid in a bottle - here it is.

Lucy - Kanahooka NSW


Excellent product - I have been using the massage cream on & off for 15yrs. It's the best, no other relieves my pain

Selena - Wallsend

Great For Arthritis

My fingers were aching so much tonight and so swollen that I couldn't even get my rings off. I managed to twist the rings off eventually but my fingers still ached. I don't usually like Massage Lotion on my hands but I bit the bullet tonight and smothered my fingers with it. Within 10 minutes the ache had subsided. The relief was amazing. Will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know with arthritis

Julia - Dubbo NSW

Relieves pain effectively

Relieves my terrible shoulder pains wonderfully, and also completely stopped me coughing at night when I had a nasty respiratory infection.

Adrienne - New Zealand

Amazing product

This is an amazing product. My husband gets gout, and rubs this on for almost instant relief. Put it on your temples or the back of your neck to relieve a headache. Anywhere you need anti inflammatory relief (externally). We love it